With lockdown restrictions on international travel on their way out in the UK, the team at Kreativ Dental in Budapest, the number one European dental clinic, is gearing up for an  influx of UK patients.

Concerns over the cost of tests for foreign trips are more than outweighed by savings of  between 50% and 70% on private dentistry in the UK – the only sector which can offer a similar level of treatment.

Not that Kreativ, the founder of dental tourism in Hungary, has been mothballed during the epidemic. Incorporating the latest in hygiene control, the clinic has remained open to handle patients who braved the strict travel restrictions under a medical exemption  accepted by the Hungarian authorities.

One such UK patient was 82-year-old Mike Jacobs, a former international boxing referee,  who saved more than £20,000 or two thirds on what the treatment would have cost in the UK.

Not that his visit wasn’t without difficulty. Helped with the essential entry documents in Hungarian by Kreativ, he had no problem on arrival. However he had to spend four days in
quarantine in his room at the hotel during which time he had two Covid tests. Though
even this inconvenience was mitigated by the fact that Kreativ paid for the time in quarantine at the hotel and the Covid tests.

“I’d been quoted £33,000 for dental treatment in the UK. So even with visiting Budapest five times, the overall cost, including my treatment, was around £11,000, saving me  £22,000, or two thirds, in all.” he says. “More importantly to me was the quality of the  work. It was second to none.”

With travel restriction easing, Kreativ expects to return to treating a steady number of
UK patients in the near future.  And new patients will receive a free package including a night at a four-star hotel, a full consultation with a panoramic X-ray and complimentary  airport and clinic transfers.

For more information visit the website www.kreativdentalclinic.eu/en/