Gareth..Boutique Whitening is now a real pioneer in the Teeth Whitening market..can you tell us a little about the history of the company and how it came into this market? Boutique Whitening is now one of the most popular Whitening systems used in the UK, across Europe and Australia, we are known for the quality of the kit, the unique packaging and the amazing results patients are getting. Boutique Whitening is now available in over 6,000 dental practices in the UK and recently won several awards.

Gareth..can you give our readers a detailed overview of how the Boutique system works Boutique Whitening is a professional Whitening treatment that can only be supplied by a dentist. This system was designed on clinical studies, that prove this works safely and patients will experience long lasting amazing results. All our gels contain the key ingredients, superior strength formulas and they all contain potassium nitrate – this is to help with any possible sensitivity issues.

Gareth…for fast results the 2 key products are Boutique by Day and Boutique by night…can you explain to the readers the key features and benefits of these two products?

( Gareth…impt here to tell the readers about how HYDROGEN PEROXIDE & CARBAMIDE PEROXIDE works ) Its all about comfort and convenience for the patient – Boutique By Day Gel is hydrogen peroxide and works over a period of 60-90minutes. Boutique By Night is carbamide peroxide and works over a period of 4-6hours, designed to be used while you’re sleeping.     

Gareth..the growth of boutique Whitening has been phenomenol and you are now preparing over 300 trays per day for customers in the uk…can you explain to our readers the best way and the procedure to order the Boutique Whitening system ( Gareth..discuss here your dental network and getting advice from a dentist on your network ) The best way, is the only way people should be whitening their teeth. By visiting a registered dentist. Firstly, they will check you’re dentally fit and healthy. After this the dentist will then discuss the best option and treatment plan. Normally based over a couple of visits, firstly is the have the custom made Whitening trays (very important). You’ll revisit to collect your kit and trays. After 2-3 weeks, you’ll return to review your results.

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