A smile is the one feature most people say they notice about a stranger. It can communicate confidence and friendliness, but what if you’re not happy with yours?

The good news is that advancements in cosmetic dentistry mean that changing any element of your smile that you do not like is now possible. Dentists can make teeth appear brighter, straighter or more even, replace missing teeth with implants, and trained clinicians can even make changes to your lips via non-permanent, injectable treatments to help achieve your goals. Here we take a look at some of the most popular treatments in dentistry right now…

1. Dental implants

If your reason for not smiling is missing teeth, we can provide a fixed, long-term solution with dental implants. Any number of teeth from one to a full set can be replaced with titanium screws fitted to the jawbone with tooth-shaped crowns attached. These are matched to existing teeth for a completely undetectable, natural finish. Missing teeth can also make it uncomfortable to eat certain foods and the added bonus of dental implants is that they function entirely the same as natural teeth, allowing you to eat a varied diet.

2. Teeth straightening

Teeth that are not quite straight is the number one concern for many of our patients. If small changes are required for the front teeth we have a range of short term straightening
methods available. These include clear aligners and braces which are nearly impossible to see and often take a matter of months to straighten teeth.

If more extensive straightening is needed involving more of the teeth then we can refer you to one of our specialist orthodontic practices for longer-term treatment. Even the traditional-type braces offered by orthodontists can now be made from clear and almost invisible materials, to better fit in with your lifestyle.

3. Composite bonding

If simple changes to the shape of individual teeth is requested, or there are small gaps,dentists can use the same material they would use for a white filling to perfect the  teeth’s shape. This is a minimally invasive treatment which, in many cases, does not require anaesthetic or drilling to prepare the teeth and can be completed in one to two visits.

4. Lip augmentation

The smile is not all about the teeth and many of our clinicians are now trained in facial aesthetic treatments that can subtly enhance the lips. Choices can include dermal fillers, to plump the lips and balance them with other facial features, or the use of toxin injections
to reduce what is referred to as a ‘gummy smile’. In this treatment, the toxin temporarily relaxes tight muscles in the upper lip, allowing it to cover more of the gums when smiling or laughing.

5. Stain removal

Over time stains can build up on teeth from the food we eat and drink, or smoking. Often it’s really simple to improve the look of the smile and brighten the teeth with a visit to the hygienist. As well as improving the look of teeth cosmetically they will scale and polish teeth to remove plaque, which can cause decay and gum disease, and provide all the advice you need to keep the mouth healthy.

6. Whitening

White teeth are not necessarily an indicator of the health of the teeth, but it is something many patients request for an overall fresher appearance. We offer take-home kits where the dentist takes an impression of your teeth to create bespoke whitening trays. You then apply whitening gel yourself at home for as long as recommended to achieve whiter teeth. In some practices we also offer in-surgery whitening where we apply the gel for you and use a special lamp to accelerate the process.