Dr M’s Oral Brush

Dr M’s is the first 100% recyclable manual toothbrush with a detachable head. It was designed by a British dentist Dr Suki Murbay who came up with the idea during a “lightbulb moment”.

Dr Murbay, who is born in Newcastle upon Tyne, qualified from the university of Manchester in 1993, practiced in Newcastle and later worked in Hong Kong as a Clinical Assistant Professor in operative dentistry. While in Hong Kong, Dr Murbay achieved a worldwide patent for a dental wear simulator. He has since set up a company for his own branded dental merchandise and just started trading. Dr M’s Oral Brush (intended to clean the oral cavity, not just the teeth) is made from polyethylene terephthalate glycol-modified PETG and the bristles from high quality Dupont nylon. The brush is approved by the Oral Health Foundation. It comes as a complete annual set of one handle and four heads, so that each head can be replaced every three months. The detachable heads can be pushed on and off and are very easy to replace. If a patient is too vigorous in brushing their teeth the head will detach, which will minimise the potential for tooth abrasion cavities and loss of sound tooth tissue. Dr M’s Oral Brush is patient friendly and environmentally friendly.

To buy the Dr M’s Oral Brush please visit www.oral-brush.com or please email for further information info@oral-brush.com